Lodge summer photo competition

The final day for submitting photos for the summer lodge competition was 30 May. There were not a lot of entries but regardless there are some nice images of trips that can be done from the lodge, and some of the lodge itself. The winners and runners-up will be decided by popular vote. Have a look at the photos and give your favourite three a fav. Non-club members can also contribute to the voting.

Of course it will be very easy to stuff up the result by giving votes randomly etc – but to be fair to those that went to the trouble of contributing please keep to one fav for each of your favourite three. And while you are voting have a think about some of the summer stuff that can be done from the lodge and then sign up for the trips that will be on offer later in the year – which will include some not covered by any photos such as mountain biking, kayaking, and summer skiing.

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