Beer Tramp

In the warm early afternoon of December 15, 5 of the keenest of the beer connoisseurs assembled at the Sprig and Fern on Tinakori Road to begin their journey with a warm-up beer. They knew they may not all make it to the end of the journey, but they were the core of pied pipers that attracted thirsty trampers along the route.
Sprig & Fern Beer Recommendation: Sprig & Fern Dry Hopped Pilsner
After the warm-up beer, the Medium-fit section of the tramp was underway, with a direct route up through the Botanic Gardens to the Kelburn Villiage Pub, where the group grew a little more. After the slog up the hill, this beer went down rather easily. Purely in the interest of rehydration, of course.
Kelburn Village Pub Beer Recommendation: Te Aro Rooster Red IPA
A technical descent (a path with stairs) followed, into the depths of Aro Valley, and the magical world of 91 Aro – Garage Project. I don’t know that there’s much more to say, other than it’s quite a small bar!
Garage Project Beer Recommendation: Garage Project Hapi Daze Pacific Pale Ale
From this point, the author’s recollection is starting to become hazy (like the IPA’s he was drinking)… HUSK was next, down a dark laneway surrounded by barrels full of delicious beer.
HUSK Beer Recommendation: Choice Bros/Mcleods Hazy Cosmic Jive New England IPA
Upstairs at Fortune Favours, it felt like half of WTMC was there, enjoying the sunny afternoon. No longer at risk of thirst, minds were wandering to food-based sustenance, and the conclusion of the event!
Fortune Favours Beer Recommendation: Fortune Favours Wellingtonian New Zealand IPA
From what I recall, there were a lot of us out the back of the Hotel Bristol for dinner, and we were ravenous (at least the author was)! From here the group dispersed to their respective corners of Wellington!
Hotel Bristol Beer Recommendation: A cold fizzy yellow macrobrew to wash down your pub meal!

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