Bushcraft River Crossings

The majority of Team Bushcraft had made every effort to keep their feet dry on the way to the campsite. But when it came to learning about river crossing later that afternoon, it was immediately apparent that notwithstanding our previous efforts, no amount of side-stepping, tree-clinging or stunning athleticism would change the fact that we were all going to get wet. Our esteemed team leaders showed us how it was done and then it was our turn, with many of the shorter individuals in the group making beelines for tall people who looked most likely to be able to stop them from floating downstream. Safe and sound and wet on the other side looking back, the river did not seem quite as intimidating as it had beforehand – a rewarding experience!! A huge thank you to our fantastic team leaders who took the time to share their passion for the outdoors with us: Allen (the man of many good yarns), Marie (the super navigation leader), Sam (the mapping machine with a hidden repertoire of inspirational poetry) and Sue (the sharer of many pearls of
tramping wisdom)!cooking up a billy

cooking up a billy

river crossing

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river crossings

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