Cooling off at Kaitoke

First view from the top of the 4WD track. Photo credit: Aimee
Morning tea by the bridge. Photo credit: Aimee.
Over the bridge we went, one at a time. Photo credit: Aimee.
An encouraging sign to help us get up the second hill. Photo credit: Aimee.
Matt is pleased the climbing is over! Photo credit: Tony S.
In the river at last! Photo credit: Tony S.
Finding some side trails makes the going a bit quicker. Photo credit: Tony S.
Mandatory hut bagging photo. Photo credit: Aimee.
A very big sign telling us not to stay at the hut. Photo credit: Matt.
Matt was first in for a swim, and we were all quick to follow! Photo credit: Tony S.
Anne and Matt contemplate the beginning of the “gorge”. We avoided the smaller hill on the way out by staying in the river. Photo credit: Tony S.
There were lots of deep pools to swim through in the gorge. Lots of fun on a hot summers day, but not a place you would want to be when the river levels are high or it is cold… Photo credit: Tony S.
Near the beginning of the gorge there was a log jam, with some conveniently placed logs to balance on. Thanks to Tony S for a helping hand getting over these! Photo credit: Tony S.
Jamie demonstrates good packfloating technique! Photo credit: Tony S.
Matt did an excellent job of finding a way through the gorge and leading us back out to the bridge. Photo credit: Tony S.

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