FMC Regional Leadership Development Course

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FMC Regional Leadership Development Course – February 2020

Earlier this year the FMC kicked off an initiative that is intended to assist tramping clubs recruit and train trip leaders. Most clubs have a systemic problem with recruiting and retaining a sufficient number of members who can capably lead trips. Essentially this initiative is to get clubs in a region to pool resources and share the workload and the benefits of running a dedicated combined leadership course that will be assisted and funded by the FMC.

WTMC is one of the clubs organizing the Wellington course, and while the details are still being finalised we are looking to run it in mid-February in the Orongorongo Valley.

The course is an opportunity for any club members who are new to trip leading (or have absolutely no leading experience but are prepared to help the club and learn) to experience organizing and leading an overnight trip while being accompanied and assisted by a mentor. Costs of participating in the course will be fully met by the FMC.

In order to make the leadership course a success we need volunteers from the club for a number of roles:

  • Clearly we need those who aspire to be trip leaders. This includes those with some, or no, previous experience in leading trips.
  • Additionally we need experienced club leaders who can act as mentors during the weekend, and
  • Others who can act as trip participants on the weekend.

Note that although funding by the FMC has yet to be fully confirmed WTMC is proceeding on the basis that it will be – in which case we need to get the number of participants etc confirmed now.

If you are interested in being a future trip leader (which we hope would be almost every club member) or assisting in a very worthwhile FMC initiative in any of the above roles, or if you have any questions or suggestions for running the course, please contact Tony Gazley () or Matt Conway ()

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