2019 WTMC Photo Competition

2019 Photo Competition


Winners and runners-up in the 2019 WTMC Photo Competition judged by Grant Newton. The photos were entered in the FMC national competition which this year attracted a record 565 photographs from 35 clubs and 31 individual supporters.

Above bush edge with human element

Winner: Syme Hut, Tony Gazley


Runner-up: Taranaki crater, Emily Shrosbree

Above bush edge without human element

Winner: Moonset from WTMC Ruapehu Lodge, Ian Harrison


Runner-up: Upper Tama Lake, Tony Gazley

Below bush edge with human element

Winner: Nugget Point, Lukas Behal


Runner-up: Orongorongo Valley, Tony Gazley

Below bush edge without human element

Winner: Corner Creek Palliser Bay,Tony Gazley


Runner-up: Matai Falls,Lukas Behal

Native flora and fauna

Winner: Cicada, Tony Gazley


Runner-up: Robin, Gareth Gretton


Winner: Powell Hut 1970, Tony Gazley


Runner-up: Xmas trip 1970s, Tony Gazley

Long Exposure

Winner: Mt Fyffe, Lukas Behal


Runner-up: Mt Angelus, Lukas Behal

The photo of Syme Hut gained runner-up in the FMC ‘Above the bushline with human element’ category. It is worth noting the judges comments as a guide to some of the features they look for in a competition photograph:

‘We enjoyed the simplicity of this image. Yet there is more to it than first appears – the contrast between the dark foreground and approaching night sky. And then there’s the people reflected in the window – a very nice touch.’

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