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      Hey everyone, I am fairly new to tramping and only done 1 very small tramp in the past, I’m looking to use this to try and meet new people. I am currently aged 21 and just wondering how many others are around this age before I look further into joining. Also any information about where to start as a beginner would be amazing. Thanks everyone for your time

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      Kia ora Benjamin,

      Thanks for reaching out!
      A good starting point is to check the Trips page:
      At the top of the page you’ll find some useful links about the gear you might need, and what’s involved with going on a club trip.
      If you have any further questions please email .

      You’ll also find us on facebook:


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      Kia ora Benjamin. And the Wednesday club nights are open to the public/potential newbies too. That’s how I joined. I bowled along one Wednesday (several years ago) and was welcomed from the moment I stepped through the door – the club had the wonderful and welcoming Garth on the door that night. (I’m sure other wonderful and welcoming club members have stepped into Garth’s boots. RIP Garth).

      I remember my first club night clearly. I sat in the car and hummed and harred before going in (being on my own). But plucked the courage and walked on in. I quickly learnt the gist of how the club operated, how trips are run, how to sign up for trips, the purpose of the Wednesday social evenings, what gear the club has available to loan etc. Yes, I joined and went on to help as a committee member.

      If you look at the photos that accompany the trip reports (under the Newsletter tab on the home page), you’ll see the demographics of the club. WTMC is really good for that – it has ages of all groups and along with that comes experience. Some with 30, 40, even 50+ years of valuable backcountry experience.

      I see from the website the club social nights are now fortnightly with the next one 27 March. Refer:

      Have fun.

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      Kia ora Benjamin,

      If you haven’t already joined, please consider to do so!

      Although I am no longer 21, I am still technically still in my 20’s so that counts right?

      I joined WTMC because I love the outdoors but didn’t feel like I had the experience and skills to do trips on my own, or have friends that were interested in doing trips with me.

      Part of the reason why I love going on some of the club trips is because you meet people from all walks of life. You are all there because you love the outdoors and you have an appreciation for the taiao. You meet people you might not have otherwise crossed paths with.

      As Heather has noted above, the club has some long standing members, and people with a wide range of experiences. I’ve gone on trips with people who had never done an overnight tramp before, and with others who climb peaks in alpine environments. Just look out for the trip grades, and try to go on trips with different leaders too.

      It’s a really cool way to meet new people, regardless of age. And like Heather, I joined on my own, and went on a club trip without having met any of the others beforehand. You get to meet wonderful people, and hey, even if you don’t think you’ll meet your new best friend on a club trip – you’ll find a way to make some small talk since you’re walking together for hours. It’s character building.

      So, nau mai haere mai.


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