Roaring Stag

We were lucky with great weather this weekend. Departure from Putara Road was in bright sun. The group of 11 set off upstream leaving a vocal farm dog behind us. The trip was a pleasant day in the bush, marked with a couple of breaks. We arrived at Roaring Stag early afternoon, with plenty of time to explore the surrounding area. Jo set off up the hill, to check out the tops. She managed to catch up to David, who had ridden in the van with us, as he arrived at Cattle Ridge.

Some of us thought it would be a great idea to go for a dip as the swimming hole water looked so inviting. It was a satisfying and exhilarating plunge off the cliff side after a long, humid hike through the canopy. The water chilled me to the bone but I quickly forgot after I warmed myself on the rocks in the sun ;). Others chose to gently slip into the water.

Dinner was satay Chicken, with plenty of rice and nibbly greens. Leftovers were not to be found tonight!

Following dinner, Felix, guided by his “man genes” thought it would be nice to start the camp fire. Once he started, the other men “knew” what their jobs were and started “hunting” for more wood. The whole episode was narrated by the onlookers and there were laughs all round. The firewood cutting competition pitted a Victorinox knife against a DOC pruning saw. The knife was the victor on the night. The fire proved to be a hit as it was the place to be where everyone hung out and had a great fun until it was bed time.

Sunday morning was relaxed, most of us sat by the river chewing the fat. We were not departing until 9.30, to give David the chance to catch us up. Again the track provided a nice passage through the forest, with breaks to refuel en route. Lunch today was taken at the road end, where we all basked in the sun, while listening to a barking farm dog.

On the drive back the van was named Albert, and his brother is now Oscar. Albert made us stop at Carterton, where we again basked in the Wairarapa sun with coffees and yummy cafe food.

A great weekend all round. Thanks to everyone who came.

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