Whanganui River Trip

image030For the 4th year in a row for some! we looked forward to another great Whanganui river canoe adventure ☺ All the essentials were lined up… Good company, food…even weather! We love this place… with its stunning scenery and nice out of the way location.

The trip in Summary

image032This is an epic trip suitable for relative beginners as all the rapids are fairly tame, and some of the larger ones can be avoided anyway. We always do the 3 day trip from Whakahoro to Pipiriki, but you can do an extra 2 days starting in Taumarunui. Canoe Safaris in Ohakune provide us with all the equipment we need including watertight gear barrels and transport to the river, as well as very comfortable accommodation the night before ☺

It’s a nice break from tramping trips, and you just need to bring the usual gear, minus the boots, plus swimmers! You can also bring lots of nice yummy food as the weight is mostly carried by the canoe rather than you.

We always camp in the DOC sites to avoid the crowds at the huts and marae as this is one of the ‘Great Walks’.

Special Highlights

  • Stunning and varied bush scenery all the way down the river and on the Bridge to Nowhere walk
  • Our very own Hawaiian theme night, BYO ukulele entertainers, and delicious chocolate fondue !
  • Lots of waterfalls and caves to explore, and plenty of time for breaks and swims…and waterfights 😉

Trip Planning Details

Saturday 23 January – Paddle from Whakahoro to Ohauroa DOC Campsite

– Get up early and pack gear into watertight barrels at Canoe Safaris
– Canoe Safaris minibus from Ohakune to Whakahoro, basic paddling lesson
– Paddle to Mangapapa campsite for lunch, then Ohauora camp for the night

Sunday 24 January – Paddle from Ohauora campsite to Upper Mangapurua campsite

– Optional swim in rapid! Morning tea @ John Coull Hut, Mangawaiti for lunch
– Paddle to Upper Mangapurua camp for the night (Hawaiian theme night)
– Unload gear then paddle across river to optional Bridge to Nowhere Walk

Monday 25 January – Paddle from Upper Mangapurua to Pipiriki by mid-afternoon

– Paddle to Tieke Marae for morning tea, then Ngaporo campsite for lunch
– Paddle to Pipiriki (there is usually a bigish rapid but it can be avoided!)
– Canoe Safaris mini-bus ride from Pipiriki back to their depot in Ohakune

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