Pouri Hut – Whanganui National Park

We left Wellington Train Station at 4pm on Friday and drove to our accommodation for the night at Te Wera Valley Lodge (www.tewera-lodge.co.nz) located on a remote road called the Forgotten World Highway – about 37km from Stratford. It was a very cold winter night and we arrived at 9.15pm. We were the only guests … Read more

Whanganui River Journey – with 2 Awa (River) navigators from Unique Whanganui River Adventures

Friday 17 March We left Wellington at 3.45pm in the club van and arrived at Ōhākune Top 10 Holiday Park at around 9pm. Day 1 (Ōhākune and Raetihi) Our plan was to enter the river at Ōhinepane, but Unique Whanganui (UW) said the river was too high and swift for us to start that day. … Read more

Ātene Skyline Walk

Atene Skyline Track

Atene Skyline Track For those yet to experience the Whanganui National Park but would like a taste of what the terrain offers, there is the easily accessible Atene Skyline Track.  It is just 30 minutes drive from Whanganui on the Whanganui River Road.   Being a near loop, it will suit many – walkers and trail … Read more

Bike Packing the Forgotten World Highway

Bike Packing Forgotten World Highway

INTRODUCTION Over Easter weekend I took a trip through and around the Forgotten World Highway, between Taumarunui and New Plymouth. This area is surprisingly beautiful for how little I have heard about it before going, and still relatively quiet in terms of traffic. As you pass through, there are stunning views of the Ruapehu massif, … Read more

The WTMC & MeetUp Join-Up to Trains Hut

 Editor’s note: WTMC has been testing out a new way of signing-up for trips via the website MeetUp.com and partnering with the Wellington Tramping Group MeetUp. The following trip report is from a joint trip. I think this was the first tramping trip with a mix of well the Meet up the Wellington Tramping Group … Read more

Matemateaonga Track to Pouri Hut

The one line summary: long drive for an overnighter in an old nurses’ home with a damp tramp to a hilltop hut sauna for fine dining, escaping the worst of the weekend weather. While Wellington was being lashed by weekend gales and rain, a group of trampers escaped the worst of the weather in the … Read more

Trains Hut

Lots of space in the van with eight people on the trip, best kebabs at Bulls and luxury camping (with hot showers) just past Whanganui, and that was just the Friday night… this was going to be a great tramp. After an early start on Saturday morning, thanks to the 5am wake-up call from the … Read more

Whanganui River Trip

For the 4th year in a row for some! we looked forward to another great Whanganui river canoe adventure ☺ All the essentials were lined up… Good company, food…even weather! We love this place… with its stunning scenery and nice out of the way location. The trip in Summary This is an epic trip suitable for relative … Read more