WTMC Trail runners represent at Tarawera Ultramarathon

Sharron, Sarah, Eddie, Gareth and Grant. And support crew!

WTMC Trail runners recorded some some great results in the 2015 Tararewa Ultra Marathon on  7 February.

This is an event for people who scoff at a mere 42km marathon and carry on to do 60, 85, even 100km.  

Sarah was buzzing after she got her fantastic 4th in agegroup: “My goal was simply to get to the start line and then get to the finish line so I was super chuffed because I got a PB for 60km.  I’ve since realised that my 60km time would have got me 3rd female in the 60km race if I had just run that – they actually thought I was just running 60km when I came into that check-point – then realised I was actually doing 100km and told me to keep running!”

Confirmed results are

  • Gareth Morton 60km 8hr 12 minutes 60th male (16th in age group and a personal best!)
  • Sharron Came 100km 15hr 2 minutes 76th female (27th in age group)
  • Sarah Fisher 100km 11 hr 25 minutes 14th female (4th in age group)
  • Stephen Healey 100km 15hr 21 minutes
  • Eddie Hussey 100km 13 hr 32 minutes
Sarah Fisher
Sarah Fisher
Sarah Fisher
Sarah Fisher
Stephen Healey
Stephen Healey
Gareth photo 1024x768
Gareth Morton


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