The 2020 WTMC Photo Competition was judged in an online Wednesday club night 2 September by Grant Newton. As in previous years Grant offered critical comment on every photo entered – which is of course a great way to learn what is good and what is not so good in a photograph and therefore how to improve your own photography.

The number of WTMC members entering the competition this year was down on previous years and seems to be a continuing tend away from taking quality photographs in favour of snapshots for social media. Meanwhile in many other clubs the standard of photography is increasing to the point where once WTMC would win many places in the FMC competition to now where we win very few or none.

The entry categories of the competition followed those of the FMC national photo competition. Club winning photos, and the runners-up, in each category are forwarded to the national FMC competition. And as in previous years there are some very generous prizes on offer – including a two week voyage to the NZ Sub Antarctic Islands. The results of this competition will be announced in the November FMC Bulletin.

The winners and runners-up chosen by Grant were:

Above the bushline with a human element

Evening at WTMC Ruapehu Lodge
Winner. Evening at WTMC Ruapehu Lodge, Tony Gazley
Mt Hector Memorial
Runner up. Mt Hector Memorial, Tony Gazley

Above the bushline without a human element

Ruapehu and cloud
Winner. Ruapehu and cloud, Ian Harrison
Princess Bath
Runner up. Princess Bath, Tony Gazley

Below the bushline with a human element

Lake McKerrow
Winner. Lake McKerrow, Tony Gazley
Ruahine Outcrop
Runner up. Climbing to Te Pukeohikarua, Kaweka Range, Ian Harrison

Below the bushline without a human element

Sunset at Ruahine Corner
Winner. Sunset at Ruahine Corner, Ian Harrison
Bush Stream
Runner up. Cascade Stream, Kaimanawas, Ian Harrison

Native Flora and Fauna

Tui and Kowhai
Winner. Tui and Kowhai, Tony Gazley
Runner up. Ferns at Ruahine Corner, Ian Harrison

Long Exposure

Ford Canyon
Winner. Ford Canyon, Blackball, Tony Gazley
Mt Holdsworth Trig 2 am
Runner up. Mt Holdsworth Trig 2 am, Rasmus Altencamp


Mt Rolleston Bicycle
Winner. Mt Rolleston Bicycle, Tony Gazley
Novice climbers Taranaki
Runner up. Novice climbers Taranaki, Ian Harrison

Judges Choice

Evening at WTMC Ruapehu Lodge
Evening at WTMC Ruapehu Lodge, Tony Gazley

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