Long days in the hills – planned and unplanned, by Emily Shrosbree

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    Tony Gazley

    Emily was asked to do a club talk, and having recently completed a couple of very long tramping days, she decided to pull together some hints, tips and reflections about some of these days she had enjoyed (or endured!) in the hills over the past few years.

    She talked about trips which have involved 16, 17, and even 20 hour days. There were two types of questions from the audience on the night—some people asked ‘Why?’ clearly thinking she was crazy, and some people asked ‘What are you planning next?’ also clearly thinking she was crazy but at the same time starting to feel the FOMO and wanting to join in.

    But it is quite amazing how far you can get in a day if you start early and just keep putting one foot in front of the other.

    So even if you missed the talk there is still some interesting information in the slides, and the captions to the photos are clickable links to the relevant trip reports—and they certainly make interesting reading.

    Faerie Queene – climbing a peak near Lewis Pass

    Taranaki Hard Core

    A hard day’s night

    Down the Waiohine Gorge in a day

    Ivory Lake trip report and Ivory Lake additional photos

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