Goodbye from your newsletter editor

It’s that time of year when the club committee changes over. I’m standing down as WTMC newsletter editor and from mailing out the FMC bulletins. I had lots of ambitions for the newsletter when I took it on and I only fulfilled a very small percentage of those ambitions. But I have kept it ticking over with some great trip reports from our members, and Richard helped by setting up much better email bulletins to advertise this great content.

I’ve enjoyed reading all the trip reports – keep them coming in. They are such a great resource for others who are planning trips as well as being a good read.

I’ve got some good tramping done this year, but I’ll plan to do even more next year with a little more free time. After three years of doing various jobs on the committee I’m looking forward to getting up on my weekends off and not thinking about what WTMC jobs I need to do. Hopefully I’ll be writing a few more trip reports!

I’m handing the newsletter baton onto Aimee – I can’t wait to see all the stories she posts. Thanks Aimee!

Thanks also to everyone else on the club committee this year and the vast array of other people who all give up their free time to make the club run – maintaining and running our lodge and Paua hut, cleaning and maintaining the vans, organizing the trip schedule, leading trips, organizing the gear, organizing and running social nights, training our new members, maintaining the finances and dealing with the many issues and problems that arise each year….and that is just a small subset of all the work club volunteers do…



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