Track Talk (April 2011)

As I write, we’re working on the winter trip schedule, with a planning meeting held at club last week. I’d like to thank the dozen people who turned up to enjoy some pizza and develop trips for each roadend. Using this kind of collaborative process is a great way to make sure that the schedule … Read more

Track Talk – March 2011

One great thing about Jonathon Kennett’s recently published Adventure Guide to the Tararuas is that it makes you see your favourite (or at least closest) mountains in a new light. As well as suggestions for tops epics, there are significant chapters on gorge and tubing trips, along with mountain running possibilities. One tramp that he … Read more

Track Talk – February 2011

It’s the height of summer (insert joke about Wellington weather here) and tramping’s prime time. While you feel almost obligated to do a big trip over Christmas, it’s an open secret that festive weather can best be described as “mixed”. Those of us down south over New Year (and at times it seemed like nearly … Read more

Track Talk – December 2010

with Amanda Wells – Chief Guide After a tough winter it seems like summer is finally here, though in Wellington we tend never to count chickens prematurely. It’s a strange switch from battling ice and hypothermia to being mindful of dehydration and heat exhaustion. Hopefully you’re planning an active summer in the hills. Included with … Read more

Track Talk – October 2010

My recent trip to Tasmania was costly in gear terms. And I’m not talking about what I bought or repaired to prepare for the trip; that’s just normal wear-and-tearing updating. I’m talking about mistakes made due to tiredness, distraction or sheer stupidity. It started on day one when I lost my sunglasses. While I am … Read more

Track Talk – August 2010

With Amanda Wells – Chief Guide Lately I’ve been thinking about relative risk. We might assume that our perception of danger is based on objective assessments of quantifiable facts, but experience generally teaches otherwise. I participated in Snowcraft 2006, which concluded with a lengthy descent from a snowcave through gale winds and poor visibility. “Worst … Read more

Track Talk – May/June 2010

In March I did a Mountain Safety Council river-crossing course, where we threw ourselves into some Hutt River rapids and attempted to exit using a combination of pack floating and limb thrashing. It was one of those courses where your confidence is strengthened through knowing that you’re already doing basically the right things. Rivers are … Read more

Track Talk – April 2010

It’s always a challenge starting something new and figuring out how everything fits together. When I started tramping with the club almost exactly five years ago, the last thing I would have imagined was becoming chief guide. Just going along to club nights and heading out into the hills with strangers was challenging enough! But … Read more