Wasps … Bee aware!

Author: Mika Verheul Tramping in New Zealand can be challenging. One of the risks perhaps underestimated by many trampers is a severe reaction to wasp venom. There are various opinions about how to deal with possibly allergic people when they get stung by a wasp, often resulting in uncertainty and anxiety. Emergency response might get … Read more

Fancy tramping near the Wairarapa coast?

There are three DoC walks near the Wairarapa coast that may be of interest to you: Rockyhill:  6km return and has great views. Honeycomb Rock: a flat 10km return along the beach and passes seal colony. Oumakura Stream Bush Reserve: 400 acres of nice bush to walk around, with lots of wild deer living that … Read more

Why do we need Intentions sheets?

From: Kate Cushing, Vice President I thought it might be good to remind everyone why it is important the trip leaders provide the Intentions Sheets for their trips. And why, as punters, we need to provide emergency contact info and medical conditions.  It’s really not because I want an excuse to send out copious emails! … Read more

Other bits and bobs – April 2012

Fair Weather Trampers: in the NZ bush with the Cock & Bull Tramping Club A book by Julia Millen with sketches by Barbara O’Reilly Writes Hill Press 156pages; original sketches & maps ISBN: 978-0-473-20009-1; $30 One summer morning a group of drinking mates set out from Owhiro Bay for a short walk. Twelve hours later, … Read more

Kai on the Fly – July 2011

By : Aunty Rata Gidday fellow trampers, Daylight is in scarce supply, precipitation is abundant, the temperatures are finally beginning to drop and the next long weekend is miles away, it must be winter. Winter means that if you go tramping you may encounter snow and for some of you it means brushing up on your … Read more

Forever wild?! – 2011 FMC Conference

On June 11th and 12th the FMC celebrated its 80th anniversary with a two day conference at Te Papa. The Federated Mountain Clubs of NZ (FMC) is an organisation which operates at a national level, representing 82 tramping & mountaineering clubs (including the WTMC) and through these a total of more than 15,000 members that … Read more

Kai on the Fly – June 2011

By Aunty Rata Kia ora fellow trampers Snacks are very important on tramps and when engaging in other outdoor activities where shops are not close at hand. Nobody gets very far on an empty stomach. There are a few obvious things to take into account when choosing tramping snacks. Snacks need to be tasty, nutritious, … Read more