Remembering Terry Mumme

Former WTMC club member, Terry Mumme, passed away on 22 May 2020 in Upper Hutt.  Terry was active in the club in the late 60s and 70s, tramping, climbing and skiing.  Members who knew Terry will remember his flamboyance and enthusiasm.  As a result of multiple sclerosis, Terry lost touch with many who knew him from former days.  Terry loved the outdoors, and his work as a geophysicist enabled him to travel extensively to many remote parts of New Zealand.  He was a good friend who brought colour to our lives.

Written by Tony Smith


19 JUNE 1950 – 22 MAY 2020

Terry Mumme
Terry Mumme. Photo courtesy of  Kathryn McLean.
Terry Mumme
Terry Mumme. Photo by Tony Smith.

4 thoughts on “Remembering Terry Mumme”

  1. Yes sad to hear of Terry’s passing. Terry was always laughing. A great guy up at the Lodge or on a club trip. A hard case guy.

  2. I knew Terry years ago and he was yes, a scientist, a poet and a musician. But he was also an eccentric in a very delightful way. I enjoyed many strange and magical times with Terry Mumme.
    He was the most ”off the wall person” I have ever known but that was his charm and what we all enjoyed about him. The best two things about Terry were his laugh and his playful sense of fun. A child at heart really. Terry, I didn’t get to spend time with you in the latter years. Illness was a barrier although I and others tried. All I want to say to you now, my friend, is wherever you are be happy, laugh and remember, it’s ok sometimes to be bad! And darn that mascara looked great on you! Miss you Mr Mumme.

  3. Sad to hear. Terry was with us on the first trip I did to the Olivines. Two trips, one led by Paul Milsom and the other by Brian Hunt, met up on the Olivine ice Plateau.


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