In memory of Frances Gazley

The Club has sent condolences to Dennis Gazley, Michael and Scott on the loss of Frances after a period of illness. Frances had a great love for wilderness places and especially our native bird life. She volunteered at Zealandia since the early days and was involved in other conservation projects. Friends will remember her in … Read more

Mountain House Shelter Working Party

Despite the protestations of a certain long haired club member, oft quoted as saying “I’ve retired”, the Mountain House Hut was demolished by a Club work party ca. 2001.  In its place, a pragmatic structure now stands known as Mountain House Shelter.  This shelter was built off-site by club members under the close supervision of Gerard Galvin, before … Read more

Sawtooth Ridge Trip

Up the hill we went in the dark – not an inky dark, lit by a huge oculus-moon highlighting the jagged terrain amid fragmenting cloud. Not a breath of wind and a landscape bathed in ivory light made for a glorious hour up to Longview Hut for the night. Jessie’s headlamp threatened to add to … Read more