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Solstice Shootout Pro-am

The first, and for that matter, only tournament on the 2000 Tongariro PGA Tour was the Solstice Shootout Pro-Am at the scenic Ruapehu Heights Country Club.  Editor’s note: a large photo from this unique event is in the Lodge lounge. Seven players, Lyndsay Fletcher, Glynne Lloyd, Paul Cater, Keith Gerritson, Harry Smith (Ret.), Larry Cameron … Read more

Easter in Kahurangi

Since I moved to Auckland in November ’97, tramping trips have been few and far between so I was really looking forward to spending Easter with the club in Kahurangi National Park – Andrew McLellan was leading a trip to Kakapo Spur. Andrew and the rest of the group, which included Shane Connolly, Stuart Palmer, … Read more

Around D’Urville Island and Beyond

Story by Jeanine Langvik How on earth are we going to get through there we thought as we made our way down to the lookout over the tidal flow at French Pass. The sea was racing through the pass like a whitewater rapid at a speed of 13 knots an hour creating huge eddies on … Read more

The Y2K Wander

“And in the news, a circus performer falls overboard while trying to perform acrobatics on the handrail of a fast ferry last night”.  The radio news continued as I headed to the airport to pick up 2 punters, while the other 3 were travelling by car, having crossed on the fast ferry the previous night. … Read more

Wayne’s World

Sun – denied Fun – shwwing Food & drink – party on Penguins and shags – shwwwing Dolphins – denied What more can one add to describe one of Wayne and Jeanine’s infamous kayaking trips, this time to Ratimera Bay, Marlborough Sounds for Halloween 1998. The team was W & J, Lyndsay, Andrew, Glynne, Larry, … Read more

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Mt Aspiring National Park

A story on: Proper campsite placement; Heroics in the bush; How to get the best photo while being threatened with a massive avalanche thundering towards you; Advanced river-crossing techniques; Carrying a rope and associated climbing gear at the bottom of your pack for nine days; Why ****** boots are only suitable as unusual, although distinctive … Read more

The “No Snow” Alternative

In the winter of 1998, a snow-less Broken River ski trip was abandoned, leaving several holiday-hungry punters contemplating how they could best spend their ski trip refund. At one stage, eight of us were consulting guidebooks and maps and having trip meetings to discuss the myriad of alternatives. It wasn’t long before Andrew Sweet, Jon … Read more

Broken River Diary

From WTMC Journal 1995. Republished in the July 2013 Newsletter. Saturday 5 August Wet, cold morning in Wellington. Met team at airport, assembled impressive pile of luggage, flew to Christchurch with most of it. Wet and cold there too – skifields all closed, so no rush. Mike’s boots and Angela’s sleeping bag off to Queenstown, … Read more

Eastertime at Mt Angelus

T’was a bright and clear morning as the six members of the Easy trip set off around Lake Rotoiti on the start of their Easter trip.  Enthusiasm was high and the smell of Dimp strong.  After a solid and determined tramp for all of half an hour, we took our first rest stop where Michael, … Read more