Are you WTMC’s Hottest Home Baker?

You need to bake some stuff to prove it!

Cos we are not going to just take your word for it. We are sceptical by nature.
There are great prizes to be won.
The title of WTMC’s Hottest Home Baker – think of the honour and the glory. Nobody can take that away from you until Nov 2016.
Did we mention there are prizes? They are great.

Anytime you like, you should start practicing now, let us know if you need us to pop round for a taste test or we take home deliveries as well but bring your awesome baked stuff along to club nite on WED 4 NOV for judging.

There are 4 categories:

1. Trad baking – tramping classics like Tararua biscuits but generally stuff that uses minimal but recognisable ingredients (no numbered stuff, fake sugar or MSG) to create something that walks the fine line between indestructable and inedible.

2. Wild baking – stuff you could replicate in the wild – in a hut, a backpackers, the club lodge or over a campfire – for example, scones over a hut pot belly with melted butter, jam and cream, yum yum!

3. Gourmet baking – stuff you bake at home and carry into the wild to impress your tramping buddies – for example we like a good slab of gingerbread cake, banana cake, lemon poppyseed cake, anything with cake in it really.

4. Death by Chocolate – go on, make our day. Should contain about 50% vitamin C if you want to win.

The Rules
1. Bake the stuff yourself, you can bake as a team if the team consists of other clubbies not New World, Pandoro or the Aro Street Bakery. If team baking decide before you enter how you are going to allocate the prize – no domestics on the night.

2. Baked stuff must be cut up into between 20-40 bite sized pieces so it can be sampled.

3. Baked stuff has to be baked, not sure? Google “bake” and “oven” or ask us at club we are totally across baking theory.

4. Judges decision is final.

5. There are no limits on how many baked items you can enter in each category.

How baked stuff will be judged
1. taste
2. texture
3. presentation
4. consistency with the rules

Note we will be awarding a prize to the winner of each category and there will also be a People’s Choice award – thats right come along, taste and vote! Finally there will be a supreme winner and they will be WTMC’s Hottest Home Baker 2015.

There are prizes. They are worth getting out of bed and baking for.

The judging panel will be revealed along with any overlooked details closer to 4 November.

Meantime get some practice in and let us know if you are intending to enter so we know how many Fat Boy Credits we need to save etc

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