Subscription Reminder and 2015 Journal

This year the subscription reminder letters are being send as hardcopy with your 2015 Journal and the November FMC bulletin. They should be dropping through your letter box in the next week or so.
The 2015 Journal is a real gem with some great stories and beautiful pictures for you to pour over during the Christmas break. Thanks Ian for all your hard work putting it together so well, and thanks to everyone who has contributed.
Please renew your membership promptly to make life easy for our Membership Officer Jo. There are lots of advantages to renewing of course – you can take advantage of discounted rates on our trips, have access to members only training courses, and get preferential rates at our lodge, but you also get FMC membership with all the discounts that provides.
This year the journals, bulletins and letters were packed by a dedicated work party of Gareth, Beccy, Megan, David, Jo, Debbie, Megan and Jane at Beccy and Gareth’s place (although some complained that Gareth didn’t really do much and wasn’t even very efficient at pouring wine for the workers)! Thanks to all that helped. Below are some photos of the enthusiastic team at work….

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