Update: Refund policy and Booking fees

This article sets out changes to the WTMC refund policy and changes to Paypal fees.

Updated refund policy

The Committee has reviewed and approved a new policy to provide refunds across Club services and activities, including trips and training, Lodge and Paua Hut bookings. These changes are brought in so we take a consistent approach across Club activities. In particular, the new policy states, in summary, that:

  • refunds are provided before the relevant cut off date for that service.
  • after the cut off date, refunds will be provided if the user/participant cannot access the Club service they paid for. For example if a Club trip is cancelled, or if the Orongorongo river is too high to cross to access Paua Hut. For the Lodge, refunds will be provided if the Bruce Road is closed, as access to Club accommodation and food is not possible. However if the ski field is not open, refunds are not provided as the club is not responsible for access to ski lifts.
  • For eligible refund requests, full refunds will provided minus any reasonable costs incurred by the Club. Costs that the Club cannot recover will now be passed on to the user/participants. For example Interislander ferries now charge a 10% cancellation fee.
  • booking dates can be changed at no cost or for a small fee depending on when the change occurs.
  • bookings can be transferred to another person.
  • short term illness does not warrant a refund. Covid is now considered as a short term illness. 

The full refund policy is available in Section 6 (p13) of the Club policy document and will come into effect on 1 April 2024.

Paypal fees for Paua Hut and Lodge bookings

We are also working towards charging Paypal fees to the user, on top of the bunk fees. Paypal fee will soon be displayed through the Seekom booking platform at the time of payment.

If you do not wish to pay the Paypal fees, you can make bank transfers directly into the Club’s bank account (38-9017-0330533-00) instead of paying with a credit card. Please make the bank transfer after completing your booking on Seekom, and please code the bank transfer as follows:

  • The facility you booked (either ‘Lodge’ or ‘Paua’)
  • The booking number on the Seekom platform
  • The surname the booking was made under.

An example is shown below.

Accurate descriptions will assist the volunteer Treasurer in reconciling the accounts and ensuring that payments are properly recorded in our financial statements.

Making this change to Paypal fees makes this area of the club consistent with payments of annual memberships, whereby payments made by card through the Stripe platform incurs an additional fee that the user pays. Again, this charge can be avoided by making a bank transfer.

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