Not the Tararuas

The Tararuas are the measure of all trips by Wellington trampers.

And Tararua trips are usually wet and often cold, and therefore mostly uncomfortable. But there are other places to go where it is invariably hot and dry and therefore not really uncomfortable at all.


For example there is no mud on this access track.


Or this one. Boots and gaiters are not required – running shoes are just fine.


And there is no mist and wind here either. Heavyweight parkas, poly tops, overtrousers, mittens and woolly hats are not needed. A silk shirt, shorts, sun hat and a jacket for sundown are more than enough.


There are no orange triangles here. No tracks at all – or huts either. But a map and tent will do instead.


And no worries about finding a camp site – they are everywhere and anywhere. So no pitching tents on a bumpy 45 degree Tararua snowgrass covered hillside.


How much tramping space do you need? Here you just go wherever you want. Most ridges have manageable passes and there are no un-crossable rivers – no rivers at all actually.


Don’t usually get much of a view in the Tararuas? Well here there are views to Africa.


And not much wildlife in the Tararuas?  Well how about waking up in the morning at your lake-side meadow campsite and there looking in the open tent door is a black bear!

Yes – the Tararuas may be ok on a good day, but ….


2 thoughts on “Not the Tararuas”

  1. Hi Vinny. I strongly suspect that the hint is in the title ‘Not the Tararuas’. As you say: ‘Unique for NZ’. I suspect this location will be very hard to get to in NZ!
    Beccy (Newsletter editor)

  2. Hi there, I would love to know where these photos were taken and how to get to the location. These are some beautiful photos and look unique for NZ in a good way.



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