Odds and Ends – February 2015

Photo competitions

Not only is the club’s photo competition currently seeking entries (due next week by 11 March), but the International Banff Mountain Film Festival is currently accepting photos to the 2015 Signature Image Competition.

Wilderness Magazine Seeking Articles

Wilderness Magazine is regularly seeking trip reports and in particular North Island trips and will pay for accepted stories. Feel free to ask if you have questions, or see the guidelines for submitting reports below.

Wilderness Magazine Wild Trip guidelines:

  • Stories should be between 500 words and 750 words in length.
  • Story style for Wild Trips is less about the narrative and more about the description – tell the story of the trip, the route, best bits, hard bits etc, but add some colour to this by telling our readers about your particular experience of the track.
  • Mention interesting facts about the area: local history etc. Must also mention why readers should give the track, a go.
  • Always write in the past tense.
  • The story must be sufficiently descriptive for our map maker to follow your directions and mark the route you took on our mapping software.
  • A ‘Wild File’ detailing access, maps, times between huts or to complete the trip, grade (hard, medium, easy), where you finish the trip, any other useful information such as key contact details for DoC, landowners etc.
  • Photos should be hi-res digitals – please do not reduce the size of the images to make it easier to email – we can only publish photos that are hi-res (normally a file size of 1mb or larger). We no longer accept prints or slides form publication.
  • Please provide captions for the photos that detail where the photo was taken and who should be credited for the photo. Captions should be printed at the bottom of your story in the format described below
  • Stories should be emailed to the editor () or posted on CD to Alistair Hall, Wilderness Magazine PO Box 14-109 Panmure, Auckland

Top tips to ensure quick publication of your story:

  1. Write about a trip we have not published before, or for at least a long time (you can check this by searching the trip on www.wildernessmag.co.nz).
  2. Write about North Island trips – we receive far more trips from the South Island, which means there’s a longer lead-in time for those stories than North island trips.
  3. Stick to the word limit, provide hi-res photos and captions.
  4. Format the story as requested – this saves time at our end.

Please format the story as follows:


Suggested heading


Name of track/hut, National park/forest park, etc / grade (hard/moderate/easy)

E.g. Waihohonu Hut, Tongariro National Park / easy


Text of story goes here. 500-750 wds

[Wild File]






Further information


Name of photo: Caption goes here

Name of photo1: Caption goes here

Etc, etc

John Rundle memorial Exhibition

Saturday 28th Feb – Sunday 29th March

Petone’s new art gallery, Artspace Gallery, is honored to host a large exhibition of John Rundle’s artwork. Over 50 of John’s masterpieces will be on show and for sale and although most were  inspired by his beloved bush and mountains,  there are also paintings of Wellington cityscapes, other landscapes, birds, cats and even one of his dog. The mediums John used are oil, gouache and watercolour, but the latter, he described as the “the master’s medium – the hardest to perfect’’. John’s love of tramping and mountaineering gave him the inspiration to initially photograph and then paint the magnificent scenery he encountered on his many tramping adventures. He always enjoyed exploring our great outdoors and started tramping at primary school. Initially he borrowed his brother’s camera to take on his trips, which then led to a career as professional photographer. He soon developed the urge to paint the beauty that he encountered and his first lessons were from Alan Collins, an artist in the same government department – National Publicity studios where John worked as photographer.  Then in 1977 John took the plunge and decided to become a full time artist and painted away steadily since then from his studio underneath his home at the top of Korokoro.  John also gave back to the community in many ways, as well as a respected volunteer in local art groups, he became a life member of the Hutt Valley Tramping club for his services. He was also a member of the New Zealand Alpine Club and has been a Mountain Safety Council instructor for over 40 years.  He has also had his paintings published in several art books.

Alfred Memelink Artspace, 223 The Esplanade Petone

Hours, 10am – 5pm, 7 days


For further information please contact

Ruth Purnell Gallery Manager  04 9799889

Alfred Memelink   04 5685 869   021 472 156 or

Ruth Purnell, 04 567 1046 027 446 2670

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