Phillips Stream canyoning: keep your head down and drink from the side stream

For most of us the trip started on the rocks of Titahi Bay a week before learning canyon abseiling basics from Megan, David and Jay. Once we’d got the hang of hand signalling, figure of eights and locking off, we climbed the nearby ‘sheer cliffs’ (with only a handline) for some real descents. Megan and … Read more

Canyoning Intro 101 for members

abseiling in a canyon

As club members are beginning to explore canyoning, we’re keen to support members to develop the skills we need to get in and out of canyons safely. We’ll be organising a 1-day introduction to canyoning 101. This session will cover canyoning safety, rope management skills and abseiling. The session will give you a good introduction … Read more