Beer Tramp 2017

When I saw a beer tramp listed on the trip schedule, I thought it was a mistake. Since when were we allowed to drink alcohol on club trips? I discovered it was a pub crawl requiring punters to walk between bars around Wellington on a hot sticky Saturday. What a great idea – I could … Read more

Stardate 2018

For those of us used to city life, the night skies seen on cloudless tramps are always impressive. The reason is simply explained by the light pollution map. However we rarely have someone on a trip who can explain what we are seeing at night, so hence the idea for this trip to learn more … Read more

WTMC Christmas Beer Tramp 2016: Aka ‘Beercraft’

I didn’t check the weather forecast, I didn’t organize any gear. I didn’t know who was coming, or who their emergency contacts were. I didn’t carry a PLB. Was I an irresponsible trip leader??? No… because this was the 2016 WTMC Christmas beer tramp… a laid back social in the city, walking between a few of Welly’s … Read more

Annual WTMC Christmas Beer Tramp

I could hardly resist the trip description for this year’s annual craft beer tramp: We have a great route planned – specifically designed to include the high altitude of Kelburn and the rough terrain of the botanic gardens! A map of the intended route is attached (this is the only club trip where google-maps can replace … Read more