Tararua calendar 2016

For those of you who think the Tararuas are a nice place to go tramping you may be interested in a 2016 Calendar that will continually remind you just how nice they really are and that you must go back there on a club trip sometime very soon. Those who dislike the Tararuas can still buy a calendar – and … Read more

Blue Range Hut

The plan was to spend the weekend in the Ruahines but given the adverse weather conditions we reconsidered it and opted for a closer tramp to the Tararuas. Yes, the Tararuas are not known for their best weather conditions during winter, especially when it is raining, but since shoes and gear were already packed, we … Read more

Chamberlain Creek

I saw the trip on the planning schedule and asked David about it—being generally curious about any Tararua epic close to the wilder side of things. This revealed it was a trip David was really keen to do. My advice was therefore stick to the A-team folk to be sure it’d get done and avoid … Read more

Cow Creek Hut via Table Ridge

Day 1 – The Pines to Mitre Flats Hut Our trip began on Friday evening at The Pines, Wairarapa. The advertised trip had been to do the Northern Crossing starting at the Poads Road End, near Levin and ending at The Pines. However, 90 kmh forecast winds on the Saturday evening and Sunday morning meant … Read more