Hollyford Pyke

Hollyford Pyke packraft

The Hollyford Pyke circuit seems to defy gravity. You start at the Hollyford Road end and paddle down the Hollyford River, across Lake McKerrow, and down the estuary to the wild west coast at Martins Bay. You walk north around the coast to Big Bay and then inland for 3 hours on a very gently rising track to the Pyke River. You then paddle down the Pyke crossing Lakes Wilmot and Alabaster on the way to finally rejoin the Hollyford only a few hours walk from where you started 4 days previously. Magic.

Four of us were lucky with fine and mostly calm weather for the wonderful mixture of tramping and river paddling to Grade 2, together with the wild west coast and three beautiful Fiordland lakes. The photos tell the story of our trip.

Hollyford River
Hollyford River
Lake McKerrow

For more photos go to tararuaphotos.com ⇛ Other tramping photos

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  1. This is definitely the way to do this track – I have vivid memories of the stories told of trying to walk the track from Lake Wilmot to Alabaster Hut from uni friends who walked the loop, where they ended up just walking in the lake anyway as the track was in such rough condition.


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