Kime Hut closed again

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    Hi everyone.

    If you haven’t yet heard, apparently the new Kime Hut is CLOSED (again) until further notice. As in, it’s even more “closed” than it’s been since the time when it was never officially opened.

    I’m not too clear if this is so the window issue is finally being fixed, or if it’s for some other reason. Best to not go there in the near future, however, with an assumption that it’s actually unlocked and available, unless you know it to be so.


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    Mike is correct. DoC Masterton has closed Kime Hut until further notice. The hut is going to be locked so do not head up there and plan to rely on it for shelter until you hear otherwise. The reason for the hut closure is that the Kapiti Coast District Council has not issued a buidling certificate because the hut is currently non compliant.

    There was a hut opening ceremony planned for this weekend, this has been cancelled.

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    There is a big cake in the shape of Kime Hut. This was baked in anticipation of celebrations to mark the opening of the new hut. The celebrations have been postponed but the cake has to be eaten. Tough job but someone has to do it! If you are keen and have an association with Kim Hut cake eating is taking place as part of the TTC club night on Tuesday 11 March. Like us they fling the doors open at 7.30pm.:)

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