Newsletter changes update

In May this year the club made some changes to the way the newsletter blog was distributed to members.

Essentially this involved discontinuing the paper copy, and sending an email notification to all members whenever there was a significant posting to the newsletter.

The reasons for these changes were fairly simple: the time involved in preparing a paper copy for only a few members was unrealistic and a significant burden for the editor, and the email notification alerted members to any club business that was deemed newsworthy.

At this time the editor asked for feedback on the changes. Apart from a couple of people who were disappointed that the paper copy was discontinued there has been no comments received either for or against the changes. A few members have unsubscribed themselves from the email notification but this was expected and is quite understandable given the sheer number of emails that clog many people’s inboxes. And of course unsubscribed persons are still free to access the newsletter just whenever they choose.

So given the above the newsletter blog will continue to be published as is, and no further changes are intended in the near future. We hope that club members and visitors to the site continue to find the postings worthwhile, and feel free to submit their own stories and offer comments on any of those already published.

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