The Two Thumb Range to the Rakaia

The Ashburton Lakes landscape is noted for its relatively unmodified, huge, harsh and vast inter-montane wetland system of wide open valleys, twelve lakes, and braided rivers. An area surrounded by tussock lands and bordered to the west by the Southern Alps it was never a place of interest to me, except as a place to … Read more

Mountain biking in the Tararuas

 DOC was recently approached by a group of community representatives, who are keen to see mountain biking options in the Tararua Forest Park. There are currently very limited opportunities for recreational mountain bikers to enjoy the Tararuas, unlike most other DOC managed areas throughout the country. DOC has proposed to allow mountain bikers access to … Read more

The Southern Brevet (Part 2 – Queenstown to Tekapo)

Continued from Part 1… Queenstown to Nevis At 7am, the air is cool and clouds gather about the peaks as our water taxi rips across the dull lake. Walter’s Peak Station is silent as we head for the glacial landscape of the Von. It’s long and flat; Julie’s tyre relieves the boredom by loudly disembowelling … Read more

Outrageous Otago mountain biking

Toward the end of summer in past years Paul and I have always tried to fit in a multi-day MTB’ing trip—but this time we planned to change that idea and try a number of single-day rides instead. This way we hoped to be able to go further and faster each day. Since neither of us … Read more

Nelson Mountain Biking

Having attended the obligatory two club tramps before becoming a member, and a trip leading session, it was appropriate to contribute in a small way by volunteering to lead a trip.  Encouraged by my brother in-law Mike and the fact that a number of other trips were planned around Nelson at the same time, this … Read more

Pencarrow Lakes mountain bike trip

We all met at 9am in the car park at the end of Muritai Road, Eastbourne, on a lovely Saturday morning. Most people got there a little early to make last minute adjustments to their bike and meet the group. When all 8 riders (Pete, Maarten, Wayne, Jarard, Dave, Anna, Snaiet, and Natascha) were present … Read more

Rimutaka Incline MTB

Mark and Amelia did an excellent job of arranging perfect weather for this lovely excursion over the Rimutaka Incline and down the other side to Cross Creek. The ride up is fairly cruisy, even for a rider with no stamina like me. We stopped at the summit to ponder about life in general and have … Read more

Nelson mountain bike trip

On Friday November 25th, two Canucks and a Kiwi assembled together for the first time in the parking lot of the Interislander. Their mission: to “sail to the other side” and do some mountain biking in the Nelson area. Anna had decided to take an open-ended approach to the cycling itinerary: after a fine feed … Read more