Ruapehu Rumblings – August 2016

Ruapehu Families weekend
Families weekend at the Lodge – lots of fun!

We’re at the peak of the season with really great snow. Be aware that this means car parks are filling up and they’re having to close the road by around 10am most weekend mornings. Of course, if you stay at WTMC Lodge right on the mountain, that doesn’t affect you at all!

30 Sep-2 Oct – next van lodge trip

Don’t like the drive? Let us take you up to Whakapapa for the weekend.

The next van will go up on 30 Sep-2 Oct weekend and is already filling up. Email me at to get a spot on it. You get your transport, on-mountain accommodation and food all in one package for $160 for WTMC adult members (dearer for non-members, cheaper for children).

We’ll be running a couple more trips in October depending on demand so email me to make the most of relaxed spring snow without having to drive yourself there and back.

4-8 September – Stay the week

Andrew is going to open the lodge for the 4-8 September week (that’s in just 1 week’s time!). Beat the crowds and take a sneaky mid-week break to get great snow and the mountain to yourself.

We’re also open 26-30 September and 2-5 October (school holidays) but these weeks are filling fast.

Book in the usual way at to secure your place for as many nights as you want to stay. You can likely book last-minute for 4-8 September, even by ringing the lodge on 07 892 3874 on the week itself to check if there’s space.

There will likely be other weeks when the lodge is open, depending on if we have lodge leaders to open up. Watch this space, as well as the WTMC forum.

16-18 September – Interclub Ski Racing

A reminder that interclub ski races are on 16-18 September and we are the host club this year.  Talk to Simon Lillico or Gareth Gretton if you know your way down a slalom course and are keen to give it a go for WTMC.

Getting to the lodge when it’s snowy or icy

A great thing about our lodge is its location at the top of the Whakapapa access road. But this can be problematic as well, if bad weather means that the road closes with ice and snow. This could prevent you getting to the lodge, and it could also prevent the Lodge Leader getting there. We need to have a trained Lodge Leader present when the lodge is open, so the lodge will be locked if they are unable to make it. Weather causes issues only one weekend every couple of years or so, but it’s something to be aware of.

If the weather is looking dicey leading up to your weekend, keep in touch with your Lodge Leader to check if the lodge will be accessible. (You’ll get their mobile number and email sent to you a few days before your trip). Also pay attention to the snow report at – they publish expected road conditions around midday on Friday.

You should also have snow chains with you if you don’t have a 4WD, TradeMe have some good deals. Also be ready for the walk from your car to the lodge – keep a good jacket and footwear handy.

If you or the Lodge Leader is unable to get to the lodge because the road is closed, then you’ll get a refund.

Rates and how to book

Booking is easy through our booking system, . Cost is $80 for a weekend for WTMC adult members – and that includes 2 nights’ accommodation, and all your food for the weekend (3 meals on Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday). The full rundown of costs for adults and kids, members and non-members, weekends and weeknights is here:

Mike Gilbert, Lodge subcommittee – .

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