Aoraki Mount Cook

Two and a half years ago Elisabet and I signed up to a High Alpine Skills course in Temple Basin, Arthur’s Pass. On day one our American instructor Pete sat us down and asked each of us what our motivations were for the training. Why did we want to take on the risks the mountain … Read more

Mountains, helicopters and a knife-ridge proposal

We’ve all been there…. weather watching in the days and weeks before a big trip, somehow trying to predict just when and how that next front from the South is going to hit, and how hard. All the while hoping it will be either side of your perfectly planned weekend. Add snow into the mix … Read more

A week at Tasman Saddle

What’s better than going up a mountain without having to walk to its foot? Yes correct – going up lots of mountains without horizontal walking. And that was basically the entire plan for this trip.     We flew down to Christchurch on a Saturday morning, hopped into a rental car and drove down to Ashburton to … Read more

Mt Footstool (2767m)

  “Footstool? You really wanna climb a mountain with such a name?” – that was pretty much the reply I got from my boss when asking for a day off late October. I usually don’t care too much about mountain names, but I had to admit that it is a weird name, probably originating from … Read more