Flora and Fauna Trip

Have you ever been tramping with a leader who carries a textbook and binoculars in their pack? Illona Keenan is one such leader. She led Andrei, Caryl, Claire, David, Erika, Kerry, Mark and Rachel up the Mangatainoka River and over a ridge into the Ruamahanga on an overnight fauna and flora extravaganza to Roaring Stag … Read more

Roaring Stag Flora and Fauna

Photos from Tony Gazley Sadly, for a NZer, I’m reasonably well informed given that I can name around 20 plant species, and identify quite a few of them. However, I wanted to be able to tell the difference between a couple of species by bark, given that these trees grow very tall, and leaves are … Read more

Trip to Roaring Stag

After a slightly bleary-eyed 7.30am meet on the Saturday morning, a club minibus jam-packed with sleepy trampers left for the Tararuas in hot pursuit after Illona’s car. As a tramping-virgin, I had been warned about the mysteriously misty, murky and muddy Tararuas and had sat through various club presentations picturing drizzly-looking forest and decidedly damp-looking … Read more