Blue Range Hut – Navigating old and new technology

Tararua Ranges

Blue Range Hut is the perfect spot for newbie trampers to test their fitness and learn some navigation skills. Who knew that tramping-fit is totally different to walking-fit? Or that ending up slightly off track from your planned route, does not mean you are lost? Or that lightly salted mango and biscuits are considered gourmet? … Read more

Winter Womble to Tararua Tops

All photos taken by Tony S. Tony’s Tarn Ridge trip appealed to me for two reasons. The first being the physical challenge. The trip had an “MF” label that would usually have sent me screaming in the other direction. However, over the past few weeks I had done a number of long day trips and … Read more

Kiriwhakapapa Nav

We made a 7:30 am Saturday departure from the Railway station, with a couple of guest punters, Gareth and Steve coming along to do the van driving and their own gourmet tramp. After passing through the Wairarapa towns without kebab or coffee stops, we were at the road end and ready to tramp at 9:15am. … Read more

Blue Range Hut

We met up at Platform 9 for the usual last minute tramping requirements, and introductions to members of our party and the MF group. We had a comfortable trip out to Masterton along with an exciting, extended adventure in Chinatown. Chinatown is found in Greytown, where it takes 40 minutes on a Friday night to … Read more