Sarah goes Tararua hut bagging – to Dorset, Tarn and Arete Forks Huts

Tararua Hut Bagging - Dorset, Tarn, arete forks huts

Tararua hut bagging. Dorset Ridge Hut, Tarn Ridge Hut, and Arete Forks Hut. In mid to late summer the Tararuas are at their vibrant best. Flowers brighten the higher-level slopes—there are meadows of edelweiss particularly about Brockett and Table Ridge—and there are many more juicy snowberries to be picked than anyone could possibly eat. Butterflies … Read more

Tararua Magic – Tarn Ridge Hut on a calm winter weekend

Saturday By the time we pulled up at The Pines at 9am on Saturday morning, there was a stunning, but chilly, forecast for the following two days- with no wind. Yes, you read that correctly…no wind in the Tararuas! The Waingāwa Valley was clagged in, so we set off with not much faith in the … Read more

Winter Womble to Tararua Tops

All photos taken by Tony S. Tony’s Tarn Ridge trip appealed to me for two reasons. The first being the physical challenge. The trip had an “MF” label that would usually have sent me screaming in the other direction. However, over the past few weeks I had done a number of long day trips and … Read more

Tarn Ridge Hut

Day 1 – Kiriwhakapapa Road end to Blue Range Hut The walk started off at sunset at the Kiriwhakapapa Road campground in the Central Tararua ranges. We arrived after stopping at the usual kebab shop in Carterton, which I believe the club must be getting kick-backs from judging by the amount of business we send … Read more

Northern Crossing of the Tararuas

I volunteered to lead this medium trip after Michael Lightbourne pulled out due to unfamiliarity with the route. On the trip list were six club members, plus Vlad. Vlad had never tramped in New Zealand, although assured me he had hiked in the Ukraine. Best let him know what he’s in for, I thought. You … Read more