Evening picnic at Carkeek

A deep longing.Carkeek! Carkeek! Oh, Carkeek!We’ll be with you soon. Those who tramped with me over the last couple of years will know this trip to Carkeek hut had been a long time coming.  My interest in the most remote hut in the Tararuas started turning into an obsession in 2023 on a new years … Read more

Carkeek Ridge (and Carkeek Hut)

Descending Carkeek Ridge in the Tararua Range

I have been determinedly Tararua hut-bagging for a couple of years now, having realised I’d haphazardly visited about three quarters of them. Carkeek Hut is one of the most difficult to get to being right in the middle of the range with no DoC-maintained tracks to it. I was waiting for a good weather weekend … Read more