Richmond Saddle Hut – Mount Richmond Forest Park

Disembarking from the Friday afternoon ferry to Picton, we drove to Onamalutu Scenic Reserve campsite along with the Medium group and had a cool, but peaceful, night’s sleep under the trees (campsite fee $10 cash per person). The Medium group had a much longer day ahead of them, so we packed up and left Onamalutu … Read more

Mt Patriarch – Mt Richmond Forest Park

What a trip, what a weekend, what a day! We had a wonderfully smooth sail on the Interislander, and used the time to scour our maps and discuss where we would go! It’s a wonderful feeling to pour over topo maps and evaluate track options when possibilities abound!  So exciting! We had been informed by … Read more

Mount Richmond with penguins and snails – Mt Richmond Forest Park

Mt Richmond is on my aging list of ‘50 Best Tramping Peaks’ from the Wilderness magazine, way back, hence why I suggested it for the WTMC trip schedule. And on this weekend, it did indeed turn out to be a spectacular tramping peak. There were six of us, plus three from the EM group, on … Read more

Restorative Retreat Weekend at Gosling Hut – Leatham Conservation Area

Snowing at Gosling Hut, Leatham Conservation Area

Restorative Retreat Weekend at Gosling Hut – Leatham Conservation Area Restorative Retreat Weekend at Gosling Hut – Leatham Conservation Area A 3 day hike to climb Bounds in the Leatham Conservation Area that ended as a lazy time in Gosling Hut due to bad weather. Thursday afternoon at 4:00 pm we careened out of Platform 9 … Read more

Otago Mountain Biking – sunshine and snow

Obelisk Old Man Range

Otago Mountain Biking – sunshine and snow Wonderful days riding mountain bikes through the Otago high-country ☀🌨 Club night talks can be inspiring. Tony G did a talk in 2014 about his mountain bike trip to Central Otago—and I wanted to go! Another club talk made me spent $10k for 10 days in the Sub Antarctic … Read more