Crawling around Tapokopoko

On Friday night we walked into Paua Hut with Tony S’s Mt Matthews group. Their group had fun practicing a linked up river crossing in the Orongorongo River while our group zoomed on towards Paua hut to see how far we could get without using our headlamps. Finding the toilet at Paua hut that night … Read more

Turere Stream Waterfall

Turere Stream Waterfall

One day a long time ago (at least last week) a ragtag group of five rejects from a much larger group that had hoped to climb Tongariro mountain decided instead to spend a day in a bold attempt to find the mythical Turere Stream waterfall. These intrepid travellers didn’t leave much of a record of … Read more

Bushcraft Weekend for New Joiners

Saturday morning all participants gathered at Wellington Station where Richard picked us up with one of the club vans. After the drive to Catchpool carpark we met up with the other trip leaders, Kevin and Pete. We started with some practice using our compass and other navigational skills taught by Kevin, analysis and interpretation of … Read more

Paua Hut

What a wonderful weekend trip to Paua Hut. The weather was superb and we had enthusiastic children that loved the whole experience, helped by having each other as company and fireworks and chocolate snacks. More about that later. We all met up at the Catchpool carpark on a beautiful Saturday morning at 10.30am. Constanze and … Read more

Our trip to Paua Hut

We went to Paua Hut on the 28th of December. It took two hours to walk through the beautiful bush to the Hut. We had to cross the river. Our shoes and socks got wet and the current pushed us but we loved it. There was no power, but there was gas to cook with … Read more