Trip to Rangiwahia (formerly to Purity Hut)

The first (and biggest) problem of the trip happened a month before it took place: the farmer would not give us permission to cross his land so we no longer had access to the track to Purity Hut. This called for Plan B, and after some research, Kevin Cole, who was leading the medium trip … Read more

Waterfall Hut

I left the car just after 5:00pm Friday night & headed off to Purity Hut, the first half an hour or so up the farmland is a steep haul but once you get into the bush this is a another good route on to the tops. Daylight saving had just finished, so once in the … Read more

Punter gets Lift Off in the Ruahines

The Route: Mangakukeke Road End to Purity Hut then on to the tops of Wooden Peg and Iron Peg, across and down the ridge heading south east past Pinnacle Creek to Pourangaki Hut. Sunday was down the Pourangaki River to Kelly Knight but then along the trail back to the Mangakukeke Road End. The Stats: … Read more

Purity Hut

I’d softened. After basking in the Australian sun for the last two years and next to no opportunity to climb hills, I was a tad anxious about my ability to cope with a fashion statement involving boots, let alone for a whole weekend. As part of my easing back into the back-country life, I had … Read more