A long weekend in the Ruahine – Matt Conway

Come and hear Chief Guide Matt Conway talk about a trip last Labour Weekend to Ruahine Corner hut which sits on the edge of the Mangaohane plateau, a vast expanse of red tussock. As well as the usual tramping adventures, the trip involved snails and the elusive Ruahine Mountain Dolphin.

Snailing around Ruahine Corner Hut

Ruahine Corner Hut

Any trip worth its salt has an epic long drive and it seems this one was no different – it involved Matt having to do a superb job navigating around a pack of farm dogs that seemed intent on stopping the club van progressing up the road – I think they got the club van … Read more

The second best mountain range for tramping

What better way to spend the long Labour weekend of the 2011 Rugby World Cup Final than isolated in the second best mountain range for tramping in the world? I certainly couldn’t think of a better way: it was easy to wing my way back to New Zealand and head into the Ruahines! I stapled … Read more