Upper Makaroro

Our trip planning got off to a shaky start when James Wratt, the original trip leader, needed to isolate as a Covid close contact. Finding out I would lead an overnight trip for the first time, two days before the trip was due to start, was a bit of a shock. However James had done … Read more

WTMC whio protection

It is depressing to all those that love the outdoors that so many of NZ’s native birds are either recently extinct, or are now classified as nationally critical or nationally endangered. Kea that were once common in large flocks are now rarely seen on tramping trips in the South Island mountains, falcons and rock wrens … Read more

A ramble in the Ruahines to Maropea Forks

Thanks to Paul and the 5 other punters, for a great trip into the Ruahine tops…a first for most of us. It was a delayed start from the Railway station due to a spill on the motorway, leaving after 6 instead of after 5…with great relief we made good time after having dinner before we … Read more

Upper Makaroro Hut

We set off to Hawkes Bay via a takeaway stop at Carterton, where we scattered in about five different directions to explore the smorgasbord of culinary options there. We eventually got to the road end, at around 10pm. After a splash through the river, and taking a wrong turn, the GPS was consulted and we … Read more