travelling light


I’ve often been accused of travelling light (handbag/daybag etc) but I always carry sufficient gear to camp out in some form or another (eg. bivvy bag or fly) and never travel without storm gear. The current craze on going light brings to mind the old MSC or FMC saying from the 60/70s that Tavelling Light can mean Heavy Going in an emergency. It can be a fine balance. I think the current fad is about not leaving essential gear behind but using the lightest/smallest possible types of essential gear. It is a bit gimmicky and can have its rewards, but I think care has to be taken to ensure you’re not just trading off comfort for weight. If you are trading off safety for weight you’re treading a fine line.

Good to see discussion on these important issues. Re Yibai’s comments, could someone clarify that if compass/GPS work was not covered in this year’s Bushcraft course (which I was a bit surprised at hearing). that the club offers various Navigation instruction as well.