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    Is anyone looking to purchase a PLB anytime soon?

    After the recent club talks I was looking at some online and I came across a local website called Rescue Beacon Hire.

    They’re currently doing a deal on a bulk lot of ex-lease Arc 375 beacons. According to the information on the site they were leased to a government department and were only purchased in December 2017 so there’s still over 4 years of warranty left.

    The more that is purchased, the better the deal is. If we managed to get 5 people interested then the cost would be $274 including shipping which I think is a pretty good price. The Rrp on one of these is $550.


    If you’re interested then comment below and maybe we can sort something out.

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    Rodrigo Orquera

    I’m keen, one for sure and possibly a 2nd one for a mate that I’ll confirm later

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    Rodrigo Orquera

    Yup 2 🙂

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    I would be keen too!

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    If it’s not too late, I’m keen too 🙂

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    Rodrigo Orquera

    @Tim, afaik nothing has been purchased yet, I’m still getting two 🙂

    @Jeff, are you going to this week club night? probably a good chance to coordinate this, ask around for Aimee or me (have a committee meeting that day)

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    I’m keen and will also be at the club tomorrow night. Thanks for posting.

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    I’d be keen on one too 🙂

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    I’m in.

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    Hi guys,

    Sorry for the late reply from me. Things have changed for me and I’m going to be moving overseas so won’t be needing one anymore but it looks like there’s enough people that are keen to get a great discount if someone else wants to pick up organising this.

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    HI,If it’s not too late, I’m keen too 🙂

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    Rodrigo Orquera

    I can lead this.

    Let’s meet tonight, if you’re not coming then email me at ####@##### or text ####### to arrange

    I’ll aim to place the order tomorrow and pick up location would be cbd during office hours, Mt Vic, or club night


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    Rodrigo Orquera

    Sorry team, too late they run out :’(

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