Tramping and life insurance

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    Hi everyone.

    Has anyone had much experience with life insurance and outdoor activities?

    We’ve recently been shopping around the available life insurance policies (seems like a reasonable idea with a a mortgage coming up). At least one of them (an ASB one underwritten by Sovereign) has a specific exclusion for mountaineering, among various other adventure activities. It didn’t specifically mention tramping and the sales guy didn’t clearly know how it’d be interpreted when I asked.

    In my own mind, typical tramping is substantially different (and lower risk) than mountaineering, but there’s also some overlap. Dying when tramping is the last thing I intend to do, but it’d suck even more if an insurance company refused to pay out on a policy because they determined I was mountaineering when I’d decided I was tramping.

    Are some policies from some underwriters more reliable than others?

    Thanks for any thoughts.

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