Lodge Update – December 2011-January 2012

Author: Sue Walsh, Ruapehu Lodge convenor

Merry Christmas to all the users of the lodge! We hope you had an enjoyable experience at the lodge over winter. We strongly encourage you to consider the lodge as summer destination too. If you’re not used to the seeing the mountain in its summer glory you will be pleasantly surprised. There’s heaps to do for all ages: walking, tramping, climbing, mountain biking, lazing on the deck…… and fantastic photographic opportunities. DoC run a summer programme too which is worth checking out.

We’ve had to do a few minor repairs since the end of the ski season including fixing some wobbly legs on chairs in the lounge area.  Just a reminder that we need the furniture to last a while so would appreciate care being taken when the chairs are moved around and that, tempting as it is, the chairs are not used for jumping practice.

A modest summer work programme is planned to double glaze all the remaining single glazed windows and to stop the draught that comes out of the vent in the kitchen.

Don’t forget to contact Lodge Bookings to book your weekend away.

Have a wonderful Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.

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