Lodge Update – June 2012

Well, the snow has fallen on the mountain and it’s looking good. Bookings for the lodge opened 1 May and are steadily coming in. There is still space for the school holidays especially the first week starting 1st July and there is still heaps of space both weeks of the second lot of school holidays starting 30th September. These weeks will fill up fast when non-members bookings opening on 1st June so I suggest you book in sooner than later. If you are a member wanting to take some non-member friends then I would get in early after the 1st June.

There are still spaces on all the other scheduled weekend and weeks so book in early to avoid disappointment. The booking system is up and running with no major problems and is proving to be a popular and hassle free way to book and it’s good to have instant confirmation of your booking.

To make a booking go to our website go to ‘facilities’ and ‘how to book’ and click on ‘Use our online booking system to book your place at the Lodge”.

Thanks to a hand full of some dedicated and hard working people there have been a number of working parties up the lodge and they have completed work like double glazing of the windows, put bats in the kitchen ceiling and stocked up the non-perishable items. The lodge should be now extra cozy and warm and everything is ready for a good winter season.

Squabs in the dining area are now buttoned to prevent coverings moving and to keep them tidy.

Bunkrooms 1 and 2 windows are now double glazed along with the kitchen window which now has lower opening windows for those who are too short to reach the previous high opening windows. This now means that all living room and bunkroom windows are double glazed to reduce heat loss and reduce the condensation on the glass.

A new extractor fan is being installed for above the kitchen oven. This will stop the flow of air entering from outside as this has been the cause of heat loss in the kitchen dining and lounge areas when the wind direction causes the venting flue.

It will be interesting to see how our electricity use is affected by these measures as we are facing a battle with the power company who are basing our line charges on our maximum use and charging as if we are using power at the maximum all year. Unfortunately the company has a monopoly and we do not have the option to shift to another.

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