Ruapehu Rumblings – October 2014

What an epic season! After an inauspicious start we got the right snow at the right time and now Turoa has been able to extend their spring season through to “Snovember”.

The lodge was pretty full most weekends, a great result thanks in no small part to Ray and Gareth, who between them brought over 60 punters to the lodge by van. Thanks to their enthusiasm and hospitality we’ve got lots of keen people coming up week after week so we hope to see these folks again next year!

The Lodge is open again, Christmas-New Year

Now we’re thinking about summer and we’ll be running open lodge again this Christmas/New year. No booking, no hassle – just show up with cash or electronic banking by phone. Break your North Island road trip, hit all the adventure sports the Tongariro area has to offer, or just chill out and watch the sun go down over Mt Taranaki.

We’re sorting the details so watch this space for more details of what days Open Lodge will be operating. It’s likely to be from Christmas through to the 2nd weekend of January. If you’re a lodge leader then let Mike know at if you’re keen to help out with this.

The Lodge is cheap over summer

We’ve dropped summer rates over 30% from last summer, because we’d love you to spend more time in the lodge and one way to encourage you is to make it cheaper! It’s $24 per night for a non-member and just $13 for a member to stay at the lodge over summer. Full details on our website

Thanks Brian!

Running a million dollar asset takes a lot of time and energy. Brian Goodwin’s been Lodge Convenor for a couple of years now, which means the buck stops with him. From representing the Lodge’s interests on committee every month, to doing the long term planning you need for an asset like this, to herding the various people who help out on a wide range of jobs, he does it all. Brian’s one of our Life Members and has been involved in the lodge for many, many years – he needs this depth of experience to make everything work so seamlessly. Cheers!

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