Lodge Leader Training

In order to increase the number of lodge leader / operators and to share the load, the lodge committee will hold a lodge leader training session at the Tararua Club rooms gear room. If you are a member of our club and interested in being able to operate the lodge or need a refresher on … Read more

A Summer Weekend at the WTMC Lodge

Journey prep at the station after work on Friday involved us fitting five bikes, eight people and eight packs into and onto the van. The jigsaw came together well with people generally strapped in seats and bikes generally strapped to the bike rack so we had a comfortable if slow journey up to the lodge … Read more

Ruapehu Lodge – Open Lodge 26 Dec to 7 Jan

WTMC Ruapehu Lodge in sunset (Sumudu Jayalath)

The weather is getting hotter and the music in the shops has changed to christmas carols – so it must be time for Open Lodge. What’s Open Lodge you ask? It means that you can drop in and stay at WTMC’s Ruapehu Lodge, no commitment or hassle, anytime from Christmas to early January. WTMC’s Ruapehu … Read more

Ruapehu Rumblings – October 2017

What a great snow season that was! We finished it off with a sold out Labour weekend. Now it’s time to think about summer trips to enjoy barbecues on the deck and everything Tongariro National Park has to offer. Don’t forget the lodge in summer There are lots of great club trips scheduled for early … Read more

Te Heuheu

Te Heuheu

We left for the Te Heuheu ALP 1 trip at 5.30 pm Fri 1st Sept. Tony is a stickler for time I was told (lucky I am a teacher and I only work 9 to 3 pm—haha) so I made it in time! There were 10 of us in the group and the van headed out from … Read more

Squeaky Clean Ruapehu

I signed up to this trip with very unalturistic motives – I was enormously curious to see the “lodge” that everyone at the club keeps talking about. In my head I pictured one of the huts on the great walks – which most trampers consider the height of luxury – and have flush toilets, lights … Read more

Ruapehu Rumblings – April 2017

Summer lodge sunsets are awesome

Summer at the lodge is great! … 6-7 May, looking for Lodge working party sign-ups … 2017 rates announced, great discounts for families … Group bookings – take your club or youth group or school to the lodge … Lost property – are these your pants?

A weekend of contrast – Tongariro

Only two of us were travelling to the club lodge on a Friday evening, after a small detour we arrived at the lodge. The weather forecast promised us wonderful weather so we decided to book a shuttle for the Tongariro Alpine crossing for the next day. Marieke has not walked this track before and Bram … Read more

Inside and under the clouds…

After a relatively quick ride to WTMC Ruapehu Lodge, we had the general introduction – we were asked to kindly not to put the lodge on fire and told when we were expected to be ready for the tramps. The lodge is much more comfortable than a road end since road ends don’t have spring mattresses, … Read more

Ruapehu Rumblings – September 2016

Life passes on sale! … $100 MILLION DOLLARS of new investment at Ruapehu … Spring means t-shirt skiing and bbq weather … vans 1/2 Oct and 15/16 Oct … Inter-club sports weekend … tell us, what would you change if you ran the lodge?