Editor’s Chat – July 2011

Wow… another bumper newsletter this month.  I couldn’t do it without you! Thank you so much for all your contributions this month; they make a great read.  I have to admit that some of the tales that are told of tramping trips do leave me somewhat envious and longing to get out again and onto the tops.  However, family tramping certainly has its own merits, and will have to satisfy my longing for foreseeable future.

It is great to see so many articles being published about the family trips that have happened recently. The youngsters who go on these trips are the future of our club, so it is great to see them involved so early in life.  Long may that involvement continue!

It is with some embarrassment, and my tail between my legs, that I admit to omitting a thank you in my last months’ editorial thank you.  The online newsletter survey would not have been published were it not for the help I received from Mike Gilbert and Steve Kohler who actually published the survey to the WTMC website.  Thank you very much to you both.

Not only am I now looking for submissions to the newsletter every month, but am also now collecting articles to be published in this years WTMC journal. The photographs published with the journal have to be amazing!  Research tells us it is the photos that encourage people to read the article, rather than the other way round. So, if you have been on a fabulous trip recently, and took some amazing photographs, do put pen to paper and send me your story.  Deadline for submissions to the journal: September (exact date to be confirmed).

With our second child due to arrive in the world in September, I am not going to have the time (and will be slightly sleep deprived!) to put the journal together.  So, we are looking for a volunteer. The articles will have been collected for you; they’ll just need to edited and formatted into the journal for publication.  Please do put your name forward by emailing me at

In the meantime, do keep sending me your trip reports for the monthly newsletter. Club members love reading about trip events. I hope you all love writing them too!

Send trip reports to: .  The deadline for the next newsletter is 29 July 2011.

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